international visitor information and planning facts

International Visitors

Those seeking true craftsmanship are willing to travel from great distances to buy their furniture here, knowing that so many of our high-quality manufacturers and factories are based in North Carolina and specifically in the Hickory region. Join the countless international visitors we have welcomed over the years from Armenia, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Egypt, France, India, Kuwait, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates, along with so many others.

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We understand how important it is for our international visitors to have one main point of contact, especially prior to arrival, in order to organize all of the logistics of their trip. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have in advance and help you personally make your overnight accommodations with one of our partner hotels along with transportation arrangements to and from any of our regional airports. If you are traveling by air, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is usually the best option due to its close proximity and multiple carriers offering international flights. It is approximately a 45 minute drive from the airport to the Mart.

The designers and furniture retailers located inside Hickory Furniture Mart have very strong relationships with our local furniture community and because of this, they have exclusive access to thousands of resources, including indoor and outdoor fine furniture, accessories, new, antique and semi-antique rugs, designer fabrics, window treatments, and indoor and outdoor lighting (with international voltage options available). Our designers also have partnerships with custom cabinetry and flooring specialists and several other vendors in the home furnishings industry. They speak Farsi, Arabic, Spanish and French and are available to work with you onsite while you are here. They will also work with you and our furniture retailers to assist in coordinating your wire transfers, which will include deposits needed and all final payments made to each individual showroom where you placed your orders throughout the building.

Once you have finalized all of your purchases, we will work closely with our international freight forwarder partner to address all of your international shipping needs. We also have the capability of collecting and storing other items you may have purchased in America and wish to consolidate into one dedicated shipment. In the past, some of our international customers have ordered electronics, dinnerware, exercise equipment, gifts for their family from popular American retailers in addition to several other items and they have asked us to include everything along with their final furniture shipment. We are happy to accommodate your requests in any way possible.

For all international visitor inquiries please contact Tracey Trimble directly at or via WhatsApp to assist in making all of your arrangements through one main point of contact.

Safe travels. We look forward to your future visit with us.